Vegan Potluck

The Compassionate Cuisine Vegan Potlucks alternates between Eastside Yoga Studio and Blossoming Lotus Yoga Studio in La Salle. The next Potluck is Saturday June 2nd at Eastside Yoga Studio. The fun starts at 5:30pm. This will be the last one until September.

Would you like to learn new recipes, share stories, learn valuable health information and join a supportive community of veg-heads? Come to our Compassionate Cuisine Vegan Potlucks to meet others interested in a vegan lifestyle, get support, share recipes, and information to inspire.  All are welcome to share a delicious healthy, eco-conscious and compassionate meal together. You don’t have to be VEGAN. But the food does!

… …Out of respect for all animals, all food must be VEGAN – meaning free of meat (including fish and chicken), and other animal products such as dairy, eggs, gelatin and honey. Please bring a vegan food dish, enought to serve 8-10 people, vegan baked goods, fruit trays, or non-alcoholic beverages (e.g., rice milk, juice.) are appreciated. Also, please bring along the recipe for your dish in order to share and inspire.

Out of respect for the earth and environment please bring along your own reusable plate, cup and utensils.

Not sure how to make a vegan dish? Click here for Vegan Recipes

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