About Renée

Yoga Teacher

Renée Trepanier has been practicing yoga since 2002.  She explores the full breadth that yoga has to offer in its healing and transformative properties, addressing not only the body, but also the mind and the soul through the philosophy of Metta (loving-kindness).  This includes practicing loving-kindness towards all beings, including your Self.  With this, the physical practice, sure to make you sweat and leave you invigorated, is equally important as the Dharma (truth) in order to inspire you toward being a more compassionate and loving individual.

She has had the privilege to study and practice with Shane Perkins at the Yandara School of Yoga, Mary Farrell at Blossoming Lotus Yoga, Laurel Hicks of Mindful Mamas, Dr. Gail Parker, Lynne Baume, and Sharon Gannon and David Life the founders of Jivamuhkti Yoga.

Vegan Culinary Artist

Renée is Windsor, Ontario’s very own pioneer vegan culinary artist, specializing in healthy and delicious vegan whole food catering, culinary classes, events and retreats.  Renée journeyed from ill health to living a vibrant and healthy life today, thanks to a massive shift in her diet. Trading in her meat based, heavily processed and sugar laden diet, with fresh whole foods.  This profound personal experience has made her a strong advocate and a dedicated teacher of the healing effects of vegan whole foods.  She has been educating the masses on the benefits of real food since 2007, with the goal of making the transition to a vegan lifestyle easy, accessible and delicious. 


Renée has been blessed with the task of raising two little souls.   One of the most challenging and yet also one of the most rewarding adventures to date.   Although far from perfect, she tries her best to nourish their unique and individual potential by creating fertile soil for their growth and development in a harsh and unjust world.   She relies heavily on the teachings of the Buddha, Pantajali, Alfie Kohn, Momma Zen Lady, and her own intuitive knowledge and insight.